The Muto Academy

Our difference relies on our trainers being the best of the bunch, no matter who you train with. In partnership with internationally renowned sports science education provider Faster Health and Fitness, and leading academics in the fields of sports science and psychology, Muto has designed a bespoke “entry course” for all personal trainers wishing to trade with us.

This 12 week course is compulsory for everyone no matter how experienced they already are, ensuring a uniform experience across the board. This is really an industry first and we’re so proud of what we’ve achieved here.

This first course is an entry point into the “Muto Academy” and is designed for previously qualified and practising personal trainers who are passionate about providing a better client experience, and are curious about furthering their education in order to help achieve this goal. We use this foundation to then guide you to further courses and lectures that will fit around your interests, and types of clients you enjoy working with, as you move through our trainer tiering system, charge more per hour and define your professional goals along the way.

Course contains:

  • 2 day live course
  • 12 weeks of online learning and assessments
  • “Hub” containing equipment to use during your sessions
  • Muto branded sportswear
  • Teaching takes place in person and online on a dedicated content platform
  • Access to a community of likeminded trainers to study and discuss with
The course content covers (at a glance):
  • Week 1 – The Muto system explained
  • Week 2 – Why Why So So – consultations and further questioning
  • Week 3 – Predicting hurdles
  • Week 4 – Building physical assessments
  • Week 5 – Emotion – Feeling – Injury and Pain
  • Week 6 – Considerations for training a weight loss client
  • Week 7 – Considerations for training a weight gain client
  • Week 8 – Considerations for training a wellness client
  • Week 9 – Considerations for training a performance client
  • Week 10 – Considerations for training in indoor environments
  • Week 11 – Considerations for training in outdoor environments
  • Week 12 – Final programme case study
Are you interested in joining our personal training team and taking our course? Are you up for the challenge of pushing your knowledge to new levels and are you open to having your beliefs questioned? If so, please contact our head trainer on the email linked below.