Personal Trainers

Forget whatever experience you have previously had with gym floor personal trainers.

Here at Muto, we rigorously interview and background check all prospective personal trainers. We then internally educate them on our unique course to make sure that they are up to date on the latest research, and know how to behave in a professional, polite manner. Many of them will have had several years of experience, and/or a BSc in Sports Science or a related field before joining us. You won’t find any of their exercises online. 

We personally recruit each trainer based on their sharing of the Muto ethos: that exercise should enrich your overall lifestyle, no matter who you are.

Whether you are an amateur marathon runner looking to break your personal best, or you have never set foot in a gym setting before and have injury or pain issues, our trainers are equipped to make sure you reach your goals and, most importantly, actually enjoy the journey.
Physical personal trainers at Muto

Meet Some of our Personal Trainers