Our Story

Muto was founded by a small team determined to raise standards in the personal training, health and wellness industry.

Muto | health fitness company for all abilities

After discovering that the sector was largely unregulated, our founders decided to set up Muto as an easy one stop shop for consumers to find the very best, fully qualified, highly educated and experienced personal trainers, yoga teachers, registered nutritionists and other wellness professionals. The carefully curated Muto roster can cater for the most demanding clients, whether they need to excel in an unusual sport, fit fitness around a hectic schedule of travel and business, or overcome pain and injury issues that have been largely ignored by medical professionals.

Hearing the success stories of our customers, and knowing how Muto’s services have improved their quality of life or helped them to reach goals they never thought possible, is what gives us the fuel to keep going.

Most recently, Muto has taken its mission to the corporate wellness sector, injecting a much needed dose of performance science and measurable data to a subsection of the industry full of smoke and mirrors.

Health and fitness company one-stop shop for all at Muto

Our convenient app, launching late 2021, means you will be able to find, message, book and pay for any of these experts all on one platform. For current clients and companies, we are currently operating as a highly personal concierge service.