Muto Black Label

Muto’s Black Label is a new membership offering unrivalled convenience and access to the most experienced personal trainers, private yoga teachers, registered nutritionists and wellness experts in your area. Muto’s Black Label practitioners are experts in their fields, having worked with Olympic athletes, demanding FTSE 100 executives, TV personalities, and top models.

With a Black Label membership, Muto clientele will receive unparalleled access to such professionals, and a direct liaison to our Black Label concierge. Our team have a deep understanding of the latest in fitness and wellbeing, whether that’s the latest sports science research, or cutting edge new therapeutic techniques, and are perfectly positioned to advise on the right approach for you.

We understand that in today’s global economy our members are constantly on the move, and so our Black Label practitioners can travel with them to ensure they feel their best no matter the location.

Each member receives an initial one-on-one wellness consultation with the concierge so that we can learn more about individual preferences, and ensure a concise and relevant fitness, nutrition or wellbeing plan where necessary. Once we have determined specific areas of interest, the member will also receive in depth assessments with their personal trainer, yoga teacher, nutritionist or other relevant wellness practitioner as we understand every discipline and every body requires a unique approach.

In summary, the Muto Black Label membership covers:

  • 24/7 access to Black Label Experts
  • Direct line to the Muto Black Label concierge between 7am and 11pm
  • Access to our exclusive Black Book of international personal trainers, yoga teachers, registered nutritionists and wellbeing practitioners
  • Provision of fitness and wellness practitioners for international travel
  • An initial bespoke wellness consultation with our concierge, followed by in depth consultations and movement assessments with the relevant practitioners

For more information on membership and pricing, please contact us on one of the options below.