Kathryn is a certified nutritionist based in Warwickshire, but able to work with clients online from all over the UK. 

She would say her “core values” are “promoting education on the principles of effective nutrition for specific outcomes, fostering autonomy with sustainable, habit-based change and supporting self efficacy through science-based practice.”

She has previously worked with a very wide range of clients with experience in (to name but a few): PCOS, insulin resistance, IBS, celiac disease, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, pre and post natal and IVF, menopause, team sports athletes, those with musculoskeletal injuries and post surgical discharge. However, she says she particularly enjoys working with older adults (with issues such as anabolic resistance, sarcopenia, osteopenia), muscle gain clients, and anyone with conditions that can be improved or managed in part through nutrition strategy.

Location: Online

Expert in

Muscle gain

Older adults