1. Get started

Email or call us letting us know your specific needs, and arrange a time for your free one hour phone, Zoom, or in person consultation.

2. Let us match you with the right practitioner for your needs

Our team listens carefully in your consultation, and organises a first session for you with the fitness practitioner, personal trainer, yoga teacher or registered nutritionist who they believe best fits your needs, location, availability and personality.

3. Enjoy the process

Organise further sessions with your practitioner directly or let Muto take care of your schedule. Join the Muto community and access the latest unique content written by our expert practitioners. The Muto team is here for further consultations as needed if you need advice on switching up your regime.

4. Join the Muto app

The Muto app, launching late 2021 will make it even simpler to find, book and pay for sessions if you value convenience above all else.