1. In depth consultation

Just like with our individual clients, we understand that every company’s requirements are unique. This is why we provide an in-depth consultation free of charge, in order to really understand your company values, culture and problems that we can help target. We then go away and develop a bespoke plan tailored to your needs for your approval.

2. Access 121 ultra-personalised fitness and wellbeing solutions for employees

We offer nutrigenetics, health and performance testing for employees. In-person and online health and wellbeing workshops delivered by expert practitioners. 121 fitness and wellbeing solutions, delivered in-person, or online. Inspiring and fascinating company-wide talks delivered by Olympic athletes and human performance specialists.

3. Track Progress with Data and Analytics

Our science-based digital platform, launching in late 2021, will make it even simpler for HR professionals to track employee progress. Muto will develop predictive models, enabling a number of use cases, such as accurately identifying performance triggers or performance barriers, to support employees to consistently make a positive change in their wellness journey and goals.