Yoga Teacher


Originally hailing from France, Christov has been practicing yoga for more than twenty years. During his teacher training in Goa, Christov fell in love with Hatha Yoga especially, as it helps you to see your body as a “possibility, not a barrier". By including intention mindfulness and body scanning alongside breath work, Christov will help you smooth out the tensions and frictions of the body and develop a deep state of relaxation. The practice he has developed is particularly suited to help stressed out professionals, and is suitable for all levels, including complete beginners. A former travelling DJ and musician, Christov also likes to integrate music in his sessions for a complete sensory experience. He says the best thing about being a yoga teacher is "helping people to reconnect with their bodies, to love them, appreciate them and see the infinite possibilities that they offer.” For Christov, “Yoga is a way of looking at and understanding the beauty of life within.


Expert in

Breathing awareness

Alignment in asanas


Gentle approach