Yoga Teacher


Arianna first tried a yoga class on a whim as a complete beginner, but fell in love with the practice. She eventually found herself training every day, so she decided to make it her life pursuit and began teaching five years ago. She is dedicated to deepening her knowledge of yoga, and has completed several specific inversion training courses as well as specific qualifications in vinyasa, yin and Ayurveda and chakra methodology. Arianna’s high level of knowledge means she is an in demand teacher, teaching classes as far abroad as Prague, Switzerland, Milan and Bali on top of her regular private slots in Kensington and Chelsea.

Arianna is just as happy teaching complete beginners to more experienced yogis. She especially loves arm balances and inversions, and is happy to break them down into drills to make this aspect of practice accessible for all students. “My goal for every class I teach is to see the students leave the class with a big smile feeling challenged, grounded and happy, with a sense of possibility to achieve anything they put their mind to.

Location: South and West London