Our nutritionists educate on how to fuel your lifestyle with a focus on increasing energy and productivity


Katheryn is a certified nutritionist based in Warwickshire and works with clients all over the UK, She would say her “core values” are “promoting education on the principles of effective nutrition for specific outcomes, fostering autonomy with sustainable, habit-based change and supporting self-efficacy through science-based practice.”


Emmy is an AfN registered nutritionist, and registered sports and exercise nutritionist with a background in sport and active lifestyles. She specialises in body composition, improving energy levels and achieving performance related goals.She says she is truly passionate about and dedicated to helping people to improve their health and lifestyle.


With a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science, and a Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, Tom is registered with the British Dietetic Association on their Sports and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr). Despite his high level of education, Tom is passionate about making nutrition easy to understand.